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At Pig Iron
1417 N 2nd St. 
Fri Sept. 2, 7pm
Sat Sept. 3, 7pm
Thu Sept. 8th, 7pm
Sun Sept. 18th, 2pm
Thu Sept. 22nd, 7pm
Sun Sept. 25th, 2pm
Thu Sept. 29th, 7pm 



I will give you my undivided attention.

I will turn off my phone for a week.

I will live in each moment.


Thanks to everyone who came out to our seven-night run in Philly. We had an amazing time, great audiences. 

Stay tuned for more news about the future of NOT RIGHT NOW!

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I am more serene than this flower. 


You deserve to focus on you as well as I focus on me. 

Viral mindful videos

Meditate at the beach

What you should know about Not Right Now

Join me on my journey towards greater self-awareness through mindfulness meditation. Spoiler: I will fail. 

This is a story of living in and out of moments.

  • Watch how I lived fully in the moment while being bullied and what I did about it.  

  • See the moment I was cast in a now-beloved movie but spent most of the time worrying I would be mocked for it for the rest of my life (I was correct)

  • Follow my journey to Italy after college where I tried to get a girlfriend with a temporary tan. (it worked). 

  • Join me as I use mindfulness meditation techniques so settle scores with my perceived work enemies. 

  • See how a profoundly immature person tries to imitate a responsible father of three children. 

  • Help me determine whether a near-lifetime of rejection as a playwright can be justified by one moment of theatrical clarity. 

What people are saying about Not Right Now

Christy's anecdotal journey -- his fumbling quest for love, art and mindfulness -- is both funny and self-effacing, hilariously capturing the hamster-on-a-wheel quality of most of our minds.

-Michael Hollinger, Artistic Director, Villanova Theater Dept. 

Not Right Now is the very funny, sometime poignant and highly relatable inner monologue that comes from Christy’s not always successful attempts to meditate and “be in the moment.” We wander with him as he uses his story telling talents to recalls the big and small moments from his past. Although the performance is specific to Christy, it touches on the ways we all narrate our pasts to try and make sense of our present.

-Mike Porter

Jim Christy shows the challenge of being present and focused in a world full of more distractions than ever. 

When the goal is to clear your mind and the silence only brings more noise. But he ultimately shows that reflecting on a life's worth of experience and all the noise that comes with it can bring its own focus and peace.

-Ray McCombs (this reviewer has requested the play title be changed to SPAZ SPEAKS. Under advisement)

What a wonderful afternoon in the theater. Humane and funny and modest and wise and universally accessible.

– Pam Scofield


Philly Fringe 2023

Well-being may not be achieved for all purchasers. Well-being may come with side effects. Talk to your doctor before trying to attain well-being.  

You will feel a deep sense of well-being after buying tickets. 


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